Recycling waste latex paint in concrete


The recycling of waste latex paint by using it as a partial replacement for the virgin latex and mixing water in concrete for pavement construction was investigated. In Ontario, Canada, 12% of the total hazardous waste collected by municipalities is waste latex paint, the disposal of which costs Can$0.90-1.40/litre. Typical pavement mixes containing Portland cement, slag, coarse and fine aggregates, air-entraining and water-reducing compounds were prepared in which 25-100% of the virgin latex was replaced by recycled paint. The introduction of recycled paint resulted in improved workability, increased flexural strength, lower chloride ion penetration, and better resistance to surface scaling caused by de-icing salt. The whole of Ontario's waste latex paint could be used for pavement construction. However, it was concluded that more work was required to establish the effect of the paint on the stability and spacing of air bubbles, expansion caused by alkali-silica reactions, the variability of the waste paint with time, and its effect on processing equipment. 3 refs.

Primary author(s): Nehdi M;Sumner J

Source: Cem. Concr. Res.

             Vol.33, No.6, 2003, p.857-863




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