Overview of the structural Eurocodes in the construction industry


A brief review of the structural Eurocodes, which cover the design of building and civil engineering structures, and which are to be released as full European standards ( EN ) over the period 2001-2005. The current codes are: ENV 1990, now released as EN 1990, which covers the basis of design; ENV 1991 Eurocode 1 Actions of Structures; ENVs 1992-1996, Eurocodes 2-6, design of structures utilising different materials materials; ENV 1997 and 1998, Eurocodes 7 and 8, Geotechnical Design and the Design of Structures for Earthquake Resistance, respectively; and ENV 1999 Eurocode 9 Design of Aluminium Structures. The codes are new versions, not new editions of the existing codes. Consistent terminology and notation is used across materials and types of structures, with the objective of making them easier to use than their predecessors. Reference is made to second-order effects, which may require more powerful calculating facilities than the previous codes.

Primary author(s): Camilleri D

Source: Struct.Eng.

             Vol.81, No.14, 2003, p.14-17




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