Brick and loam - natural building materials maintain health


Brick walls with a loam plaster fulfil all the preconditions required by homeowners for healthy living.  Loam has been described by an architect with long experience  of the material as "...the only building material which offers an excuse for mistakes in the building planning and execution".  As heat bridges on lintels, external corners, balconies and other building components cannot always be prevented, builders should opt for a safe course by using loam plaster.  It is shown that problems such as high relative humidity (and hence the appearance of mould on walls), low humidity (which can lead to skin and respiratory  diseases), and pollutants released from foams in furniture and fittings can be largely prevented using loam plaster, thereby creating an allergy- and pollutant-free domestic environment.

Primary author(s): Ropp D

                            Karphosit Lehmbaustoffe AG

Source: ZI Int.


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