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BS 4551-2:1998-Methods of testing mortars, screeds and plasters. Chemical analysis and aggregate ...


Specifies methods of sampling, laboratory preparation and chemical analysis of mortars for bricklaying, screeding, plastering and rendering. Includes methods of interpretation of chemical analysis results.

Published Date: 1998-02-15

Pages: 32

ISBN No: 0 580 27627 9

Status: Current

Replaces: BS 4551:1980

Amended By: AMD 9990 published 15 April 1998, AMD 9990 is a Corrigendum.

Supersedes Draft(s): 94/109176 DC

Cross References: BS 410:1986, BS 812, BS 1199 and 1200:1976, BS 4551:Part 1:1997, BS 5404:Part 1:1976, BS 6100, BS EN ISO 3936:1995, BS 1881:Part 124:1988, BS 3591:1985, BS 4027:1996, BS 4551:Part 1:1987, Methylated Spirits Regulations, Customs and Excise Act 1952, Section III

Source: British Standards Institute

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