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BS 4592-1:1995-Industrial type flooring, walkways and stair treads. Specification for open bar ...


Materials, sizes, permission deviations, construction, performance and marking. Appendices give methods of test, information to be given in an enquiry or order and recommendations for installation.

Published Date: 1995-04-15

Pages: 18

ISBN No: 0 580 23853 9

Status: Partially Replaced, Current

Replaced By: BS EN ISO 14122-1:2001, BS EN ISO 14122-2:2001, BS EN ISO 14122-3:2001, Partially replaced by Parts 1 to 3 of BS EN ISO 14122 and has been proposed for obsolescence.

Replaces: BS 4592:Part 1:1987

Amended By: AMD 10592 published 15 January 2000, AMD 14248 published 26 March 2003

Supersedes Draft(s): 94/104759 DC

Cross References: BS 729:1971, BS 1449-2:1983, BS 1474:1987, BS 5135:1984, BS 5395-1:1984, BS 5395-3:1985, BS 5950-1:1990, BS 6100-1, BS 8118-2:1991, BS EN 10025:1993, BS EN ISO 14122-1, BS EN ISO 14122-2, BS EN ISO 14122-3, BS 5502

Source: British Standards Institute

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