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BS 5685-8:1991-Electricity meters. Specification for impulse operated multiple registers for use ...


Requirements for multi-rate units (MRU's) attached to or separate from electricity meters used for the measurement of electrical energy. Can incorporate a time control, visual display, or interrogation/programming interface.

Published Date: 1991-02-28

Pages: 20

Confirmation Date: 1996-10-15

ISBN No: 0 580 19235 0

Status: Confirmed, Current

Supersedes Draft(s): 90/23826 DC

Cross References: BS 800, BS 2011:Part 2.1A, BS 2011:Part 2.1B, BS 2011:Part 2.1Db, BS 2011:Part 2.1Ea, BS 2011:Part 2.1Fc, BS 2011:Part 2.1Ka, BS 2757, BS 5490, BS 5685:Part 1, BS 5685:Part 5, BS 5775:Part 5, BS 6458:Section 2.1, BS 6667:Part 2, BS 6667:Part 3, BS 7003, IEC 60, IEC 255-4, IEC 801-4

Source: British Standards Institute

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