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BS EN ISO 140-4:1998-Acoustics. Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building ...


Applies to sound insulation within a pair of rooms. Determines the steady state 1/3 octave band filtered white noise level difference and the receiving room equivalent absorption area from which the standardized level difference is derived. The results can be used to determine whether building elements have met acoustic specifications, e.g. Building Regulations.

Published Date: 1998-10-15

Pages: 34

ISBN No: 0 580 30513 9

Status: Current

Replaces: BS 2750:Part 4:1980

Supersedes Draft(s): 96/561144 DC

Cross References: EN 20140-2:1993, EN ISO 140-3:1995, EN ISO 354:1993, EN ISO 717-1:1996, ISO 140-2:1991, ISO 140-3:1995, ISO 354:1985, ISO 717-1:1996, IEC 60651:1979, IEC 60804:1985, IEC 60942:1988, IEC 61260:1995, ISO 140-5:1998, ISO 1683:1983, OIML R58:1984, OIML R88:1989

Source: British Standards Institute

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