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BS 6675:1986-Specification for servicing valves (copper alloy) for water services


Three patterns of servicing valve: spherical plug, tapered plug and screw-down, of nominal sizes 10, 12, 15 and 22, suitable for working pressures and temperatures from 16 bar at up to and including 30˚C to 5 bar at a maximum of 120˚C. The purpose of the valve is to isolate water supplies to individual sanitary appliances so that those appliances can be maintained or serviced.

Published Date: 1986-06-30

Pages: 12

Confirmation Date: 2000-06-15

ISBN No: 0 580 14887 4

Status: Confirmed, Current

Supersedes Draft(s): 84/11772 DC

Cross References: BS 864:Part 2, BS 1010:Part 2, BS 1224, BS 1400, BS 2494, BS 2767, BS 2871:Part 1, BS 2872, BS 2874, BS 6700

Source: British Standards Institute

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