Building Regulations

BS 7533-3:1997-Pavements constructed with clay, natural stone or concrete pavers. Code of ...


Gives recommendations for laying concrete and clay paving units for roads, industrial areas and other paved areas subject to all categories of vehicular loading and pedestrian traffic.

Published Date: 1997-05-15

Pages: 20

ISBN No: 0 580 27071 8

Status: Current

Replaces: BS 6677:Part 3:1986, BS 6717:Part 3:1989

Supersedes Draft(s): 95/106259 DC

Cross References: BS 812:Part 103:Section 103.1, BS 5328, BS 6100:Part 2, BS 6677:Part 1, BS 6717:Part 1, Specification for Highway Works 1993

Source: British Standards Institute

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