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BS 8204-5:1994-Screeds, bases and in-situ floorings. Code of practice for mastic asphalt ...


Recommendations for the types and grades of materials, design and work on site for flooring applied internally as a wearing surface and underlay incorporating waterproof membranes where required. It is applied hot to concrete bases, screeds and suspended concrete floors.

Published Date: 1994-12-15

Pages: 24

ISBN No: 0 580 23079 1

Status: Work in Hand, Current

Related Draft(s): 02/105806 DC, 03/303907 DC

Replaces: CP 204:Part 2:1970

Supersedes Draft(s): 93/106952 DC

Cross References: BS 410, BS 903:Part A8, BS 903:Part A26, BS 1369:Part 1, BS 1447, BS 5284, BS 6100:Subsection 1.3.3, BS 6100:Subsection 2.4.1, BS 8204:Part 1, BS 6229, BS 8204:Part 2, BS 8204:Part 3, BS 8204:Part 4

Source: British Standards Institute

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