Building Regulations

BS 8206-2:1992-Lighting for buildings. Code of practice for daylighting


Includes the design of electric lighting when used in conjunction with daylight. Sunlight and skylight data are given. To be read in conjunction with BS 8206-1:1985

Published Date: 1992-06-15

Pages: 44

ISBN No: 0 580 20540 1

Status: Current

Amended By: AMD 7391 published 15 October 1992

Supersedes Draft(s): 90/16169 DC, DD 67:1980, DD 73:1982

Cross References: BS 4800, BS 6100, BS 8206:Part 1, BS 8207, BS 8211:Part 1, BS 8220, Prescription Act, 1832, Rights of Light Act, 1959, Rights of Light Act (Northern Ireland), 1961, Building Regulations 1985, Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 1990, CIBSE Code for Interior Lighting 1984, CIBSE Applications Manual: Window design 1987, CIBSE Lighting Guide LG MAG Museums and art galleries 1980, BRE Digest 272 1983, BRE Report Site layout planning for daylight and sunlight: a guide to good practice 1991, BRE Sunlight Availability Protractor 1975, BRE Report Daylighting as a passive solar energy option: an assessment of its potential in non-domestic buildings 1988, BRE IP 15/1988, BRE Daylight Protractors 1968

Source: British Standards Institute

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