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BS 5655-1:1979-Lifts and service lifts. Safety rules for the construction and installation of ...


Safety requirements for passenger and goods electric lifts to safeguard passengers and maintenance personnel against injury. Covers the mechanical and electrical construction of the lift, the relevant structural features of the building in which it is installed and subsequent examination and testing. See also PD 6500.

Published Date: 1979-05-31

Pages: 72

ISBN No: 0 580 10762 0

Status: Obsolescent, Revised, Current

Replaced By: BS 5655-1:1986, Replaced by BS 5655-1:1986 but remains current until amendments to the technical annex of EEC Directive 84/529/EEC have been made.

Replaces: BS 2655-1:1970, BS 2655-6:1970, BS 2655-7:1970, BS 2655-8:1971, BS 2655-10:1972, With the publication of this Part sections of Parts of BS 2655 were made obsolescent, but have been retained for reference purposes.

Amended By: AMD 3303 published 29 February 1980, AMD 4564 published 31 May 1984

Supersedes Draft(s): 76/74057 DC

Cross References: BS 5424:Part 1, BS 4794:Part 1, BS 329, BS 5901, BS 6004, BS 6500, BS 6746, BS 6007, BS 6899, BS 6977, IEE Regulations for Electrical Installations, PD 6500, BS 2655:Part 1, BS 2655:Part 6, BS 2655:Part 7, BS 2655:Part 8, BS 2655:Part 10, ISO/DIS 4344, IEC 364-3, ISO 834, ISO 2532, ISO 3008, CENELEC HD 25, CENELEC HD 223, CENELEC HD 224, IEC 364-4-41, IEC 364-4-43

Source: British Standards Institute

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