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BS 4576-1:1989-Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) rainwater goods and accessories. ...


Gutters in nominal sizes from 100 to 150 and pipes in nominal sizes from 63 to 110 and their associated fittings and supports. Methods of test and guidance on their use for quality control.

Published Date: 1989-09-29

Pages: 18

Confirmation Date: 1998-11-15

ISBN No: 0 580 17357 7

Status: Partially Replaced, Current

Replaced By: BS EN 607:1996, BS EN 1462:1997, BS EN 12200-1:2000, Partially replaced by BS EN 607:1996, BS EN 1462:1997 and BS EN 12200-1:2000

Replaces: BS 4576:Part 1:1970

Amended By: AMD 6350 published 28 June 1991

Supersedes Draft(s): 86/42153 DC

Cross References: BS 729, BS 1706, BS 1755:Part 1, BS 2494, BS 2569:Part 1, BS 2782:Part 0, BS 2782:Part 3:Method 320A to 320F, BS 2782:Part 5:Method 540A, BS 2782:Part 5:Method 540B, BS 2782:Part 11:Method 1101A, BS 2782:Part 11:Method 1102A, BS 2782:Part 11:Method 1102B, BS 2782:Part 11:Method 1108A, BS 2782:Part 11:Method 1110, BS 2782:Part 11:Method 1112A, BS 3955, BS 4118, BS 4346:Part 3, BS 4514, BS 4576, BS 4778:Part 1, BS 4778:Part 2, BS 4781:Part 1, BS 4921, BS 5556, BS 5750:Part 5, BS 6209, BS 6367, CP 312:Part 1, CP 312:Part 2, ISO 1043:Part 1, Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974

Source: British Standards Institute

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