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DD 140-2:1987-Wall ties. Recommendations for design of wall ties


Design of wall ties, including remedial ties, used in masonry and timber frame construction. Appendix gives example calculation. Introductory clause explains basic philosophy and assumptions.

Published Date: 1987-02-27

Pages: 22

ISBN No: 0 580 15654 0

Status: Current

Amended By: AMD 7971 published 15 March 1994

Cross References: BS 1243, BS 2782, BS 2782:Method 120A to 120E, BS 2782:Methods 121A to 121C, BS 5502:Section 1.2, BS 5628:Part 1, BS 5628:Part 3, CP 3:Chapter V:Part 2, DD 140:Part 1, ISO/R 527, ASTM D785, ASTM D790

Source: British Standards Institute

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