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CP 151-1:1957-Doors and windows including frames and linings. Wooden doors


This part of the code deals with wooden doors of all types for normal purposes and with the different methods employed in hanging doors and fixing their frames and linings. Recommendations are given on weather protection, draught exclusion, precautions against fire, spread of flame, thermal insulation and durability. The various types of doors and their different methods of opening are fully described with accompanying sketches, and guidance is given on economy, strength, rigidity and dimensional stability.

Published Date: 1957-03-22

Pages: 52

ISBN No: 0 580 35968 9

Status: Obsolescent, Current

Amended By: PD 5567 published 19 July 1965

Supersedes Draft(s): CP(B)1057 DC

Cross References: BS 459:Part 1, BS 459:Part 2, BS 459:Part 3, BS 459:Part 4, BS 476:Part 1, BS 745, BS 1186:Part 1, BS 1202, BS 1204, BS 1210, BS 1227, BS 1245, BS 1282, BS 1444, BS 1455, BS 2504, CP 3:Chapter IV, CP 3:Chapter X, CP 112, CP 112.100, CP 121.101, CP 122, CP 231, London Building (Constructional) By-laws 1952

Source: British Standards Institute

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