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CP 1007:1955-Maintained lighting for cinemas


This code relates to the safety lighting and management lighting in the auditorium, passages, stairways and all other parts of cinema premises to which the public have access. Some aspects of the general lighting of cinema premises are also considered. It gives guidance respecting the characteristics of such lighting, and indicates how the effectiveness of the lighting is influenced by such features as the architectural proportions and planning of the building, the layout of the seating, the location of the exits, the decorations and furnishings, and the brightness of the screen, or stage. The recommendations are primarily intended for new cinemas but most of the considerations apply equally to the modification of existing installations - or the adaptation of premises hitherto used for other purposes. The code does not deal with electrical or gas installation practice (wiring, pipe, fitting, etc.) and is not concerned with that part of the lighting of cinema buildings which serves solely for decorative or advertising purposes, nor with cleaners' lighting, nor with parts of the premises to which the public are not admitted.

Published Date: 1955-11-15

Pages: 28

ISBN No: 0 580 05374 1

Status: Current

Cross References: BS 764, BS 2560, CP 3:Chapter VII(F), CP 321.101, CP 331.103, Cinematograph (Safety) Regulations 1955, Cinematograph Act, 1952

Source: British Standards Institute

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