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BS EN 752-4:1998-Drain and sewer systems outside buildings. Hydraulic design and environmental ...


This standard includes national practice for drainage, taken from BS 8005 and BS 8301 which have been declared obsolescent.

Published Date: 1998-06-15

Pages: 54

ISBN No: 0 580 29361 0

Status: Current

Replaces: BS 8005-1:1987, BS 8005-2:1987, BS 8005-3:1989, BS 8005-4:1987, BS 8005-5:1990, BS 8301:1985, Replaces Parts 1-5 of BS 8005 which are withdrawn and BS 8301:1985 which remains current.

Supersedes Draft(s): 93/104469 DC

Cross References: BS EN 752-1:1996, B 2500 (Austria), B 2501, B 2503, B 2504, B 5012-1, B 5012-2, B 5013-1, B 5013-2, B 5016, Austrian Water and Waste Management Association. (OWAV)., Rule 5. Guidelines for the hydraulic calculation of sewerage pipelines, Rule 9. Guidelines for the use of sewerage systems, Rule 11. Guidelines for Technical calculation of foul water, stormwater and combined systems, Rule 19. Guidelines for the design of stormwater overflows in combined systems, Rule 21. Documentation of sewerage systems, Rule 22. Maintenance and renewal of sewerage systems, Federal Ministry for Environment, Youth and Family. (Technical Guidelines of the Water Management Fund), ZL.57.030/3-V-6/84, DS 421 (Denmark), DS 430, DS 432, DS 436, DS 437, DS 440, DS 455, NKB publ. No. 48, NKB publ. No. 48E, The Danish Water Pollution Committee, Guide No. 18 Urban storm water runoff and storage tanks calculated with series of historical rain events, Guide No. 21 Calculation of combined sewer overflow on receiving waters, Guide No. 22 The impact of combined sewer overflows on small streams, Guide No. 24 Standardised data for sewer systems, The National Agency of Environmental Protection, SPVF nr. 6 Quality control of sewer projects, SPVF nr. 13 Preparation of Projects for the Renovation of Sewer Systems, SPVF nr. 22 Renovation of sewer systems. HDPE pipes. Stress by dynamic pipe cracking, SPVF nr. 33 Rehabilitation of sewer systems. Needs and finance, SPVF nr. 48 Intruding water in sewer systems, Project No. 137 Control of Pollution from Sewer Systems during rain, Technical Directive for Urban Drain and Sewer Systems. (France), Chapter 1. General design data, Chapter 2. Calculation of rainwater flow rates, Chapter 3. Calculation of wastewater flow rates, Chapter 4. Dimensioning of pipe diameters, Chapter 5. Conditions for installation of systems, Chapter 6. Ancillary works, Chapter 7. Detention tanks for rainwater, General technical requirements for public contracts dealing with installation of wastewater systems., Chapter 1. General requirements, Chapter 2. Type and quality requirements for materials, Chapter 3. Design requirements including structural design, Chapter 4. Preliminary work, Chapter 5. Installation, Chapter 6. Commissioning requirements, ATV Advisory leaflet M 101 (Germany), ATV Standard A 105, ATV Standard A 111, ATV Standard A 112, ATV Standard A 116, ATV Standard A 117, ATV Standard A 118, ATV Standard A 119, ATV Standard A 127, ATV Standard A 128, ATV Standard A 138, ATV Standard A 142, ATV Standard A 161, ATV Standard A 241, DIN 1986, DIN 4045, DIN 19549, DIN 19550, Building Regulations 1991 (Ireland), UNI 9183 (Italy), UNI 9184, UNI ISO 7336, NPR 3218 (Netherlands), NEN 3219, NEN 3220, NEN 3221, NEN 3300, NPR 3398, NEN 3399, NPR 7061, Portaria No. 11 338 (Portugal), NP-676, NP-677, NP-881, NP-882, NP-883, NP-893, NP-894, NTE-ISA/1973 (Spain), Orden Ministerial de 1986-09-15. General technical specifications for public sewerage piping, VAV P28 (Sweden), VAV P31, VAV P39, VAV P45, VAV P46, VAV P47, VAV P49, VAV P50, VAV P59-1, VAV P59-2, VAV P60-3, VAV P65, VAV P66, VAV P68, SN 533190 (Switzerland), SN 592000, SN 531205, VSA-Rechtlinie. The Integrated Urban Drainage Master Plan, VSA-Rechtlinie. Maintenance and Operation of Sewer Systems, BS 6100:Part 2:Section 2.7 (UK), BS 8000:Part 14, BS 8005:Part 0, BS 8005:Part 1, BS 8005:Part 2, BS 8005:Part 3, BS 8005:Part 4, BS 8005:Part 5, BS 8301, The Building Regulations. Approved Document H. Drainage and waste disposal, The Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations.Technical Standards. Part M. Drainage and Sanitation, The Building Regulations (Northern Ireland). Technical Booklet N. Drainage, Standard specification for water and sewerage schemes. Scottish Association of Directors of Water and Sewerage Services/Department of the Environment, EN 752-3, EN 752-5, prEN 752-7, BS 6297:1983, prEN 12056-2, prEN 12056-3, CIRIA Report 141, NRA:1994. Water quality objectives. Procedures used by the National Rivers Authority for the purpose of the Surface Waters (Rivers Ecosystem) (Classif, 76/160/EEC

Source: British Standards Institute

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