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CP 204:Part 2:1970-In-situ floor finishes. Metric units


Deals with the laying of the following types of floor finishes: terrazzo, mastic asphalt, cement rubber-latex, magnesium oxychloride. Each section deals with the selection of materials, the suitability of floor finish for various conditions of use and all the other matters associated with design. Recommendations are made on the preparation of the base, the techniques of laying the particular floor finishes, their surface treatment and maintenance.

Published Date: 1970-08-26

Pages: 44

ISBN No: 0 580 06261 9

Status: Superseded, Withdrawn

Replaced By: BS 8204-1:1987, BS 8204-2:1987, BS 8204-4:1993, BS 8204-5:1994

Replaces: CP 204-1:1965

Amended By: AMD 2381 published 15 November 1977 Price on application, AMD 3080 published 15 July 1979 Price on application, AMD 5637 published 30 October 1987 Price on application, AMD 6968 published 15 July 1992 Price on application

Source: British Standards Institute

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