Building Regulations

BS 644-2:1958-Wood windows. Wood double hung sash windows


Types, sizes, construction of weight balanced and spring balanced windows, with and without glazing bars. Weight balanced windows from 1 ft 6 in to 6 ft wide and from 3 ft 9 1/8 in to 5 ft 9 1/8 in high, the spring balanced type being slightly smaller. Tables show sizes of masonry openings, glass sizes, number of panes, and daylight area.

Published Date: 1958-12-16

Pages: 32

ISBN No: 0 580 34133 X

Status: Superseded, Withdrawn

Replaced By: BS 644:2003

Amended By: PD 3295 published 15 February 1959 Price on application, PD 4828 published 15 March 1963 Price on application, PD 5458 published 15 February 1965 Price on application

Source: British Standards Institute

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