Eco-label for a new group of products: hard floor coverings


The European Eco-label represents an ecological quality trademark which makes it possible to choose products whose entire life cycle results in the minimum possible environmental impact.  It is a trademark of excellence to indicate those producers whose intention is to demonstrate the exceptionally high level of attention and care directed towards the environmental performance of their products/services.  Within the framework of the efforts of the European Union to extend the Eco-label system, in 2000 the European Commission (Directorate General for the Environment) delegated the Italian National Agency for the Protection of the Environment (ANPA) with the responsibility  of developing the ecological criteria for awarding the EU trademark of ecological quality to the group of products classified as hard floor coverings (HFCs), i.e., all those materials used for flooring both indoors and outdoors belonging to the families of ceramic products (ceramic tile), ornamental stone (marble, granite, etc.), cemented (masselli and terrace tiles) and organic (stone agglomerates) composites, and heavy clay products (bricks and clay tiles).  Aspects addressed include the characteristics of the project, the environmental criteria, industrial processes, and support for the initiative in Italy.  6 refs.

Primary author(s): Baldo G L

                            Life Cycle Engineering

Source: Ceram.Acta


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