Design and experimental study of a mixed energy recovery system, heat pipes and indirect ...


Design of experiments methodology was used to investigate energy recovery from air conditioning systems using a combination of two heat pipes and indirect evaporative recuperators, by studying the influences of temperature, air flow, relative humidity, and water flow rate on the system efficiency. The heat pipes used stainless steel as the wick material and ammonia as the working fluid. The indirect evaporative recuperators consisted of a series of parallel aluminium plates, in which the primary air flowed horizontally, and the secondary, exhaust room air, flowed upwards through a water spray. The performance of the indirect evaporative recuperator had the greatest influence on the performance of the system. 13 refs.

Primary author(s): Rey Martinez F J;Alvarez-Guerra Plasencia M A;Velasco Gomez E;Varela Diez F;Herrero Martin R

Source: Energy Build.

             Vol.35, No.10, 2003, p.1021-1030




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