Methodology towards developing skylight design tools for thermal and energy performance of ...


Methodology and computer software were developed to predict the thermal behaviour of atriums in cold climates. The model considered air flow between the atrium and adjacent spaces, and temperature stratification within the atrium space. The model simultaneously considered radiation and convective heat transfer at the same time by creating imaginary surfaces to separate the thermal zones. The surfaces were presumed to have high emissivity, high solar transmittance, high thermal conductivity and a convective film coefficient of 10 W/sq m C. The model predictions for indoor temperatures were within 2 C of measured values on both winter and summer days. 23 refs.

Primary author(s): Laouadi A;Atif M R;Galasiu A

Source: Build.Environ.

             Vol.38, No.1, January 2003, p.117-127




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