Building volume with hygroscopic materials - an analytical study of a classical building physics ...


A global analytical solution for a building volume containing hygroscopic materials, which includes non-isothermal cases, is given. A common description is used for all the building components to describe the vapour pressure in the building volume and moisture content in the hygroscopic materials as functions of building volume temperature and moisture emission rates, external vapour pressure and building volume ventilation levels, heat and mass transfer between the building volume and the hygroscopic materials, and heat and mass storage and transfer within the materials. It is assumed that the sorption curve for the hygroscopic materials is linear, and that the psychrometric properties of water vapour pressure are approximately constant, for the temperature and pressure ranges under consideration. 14 refs.

Primary author(s): Cunningham M J

Source: Build.Environ.

             Vol.38, No.2, February 2003, p.329-337




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