Use of ground clay brick as a pozzolanic material to reduce the alkali-silica reaction


The use of ground clay brick (GCB) as a pozzolanic material  to minimise alkali-silica reaction expansion was studied. Two different types of clay bricks were finely ground and their activity indices were determined. ASTM accelerated mortar bar tests were performed to investigate the effect of  GCB when used to replace cement mass. The microstructure of the mortar was investigated using SEM. The results showed that the GCBs meet the strength activity requirements of ASTM. In addition, the GCBs were found to be effective in suppressing alkali-silica reaction expansion. The expansion decreased as the amount of GCBs in the mortar increased.  10  refs.

Primary author(s): Turanli L; Bektas F; Monteiro P J M

                            Ankara,Middle East Technical University; California,University at Berkeley

Source: Cem.Concr.Res.


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