Meeting Europe's increasing Low-E glass needs


There has been a dramatic increase in the demand for energy-efficient Low-E glass in new construction in the UK and Europe.  The demand is being driven by revisions to Document L of the Building Regulation of England and Wales, which sets higher energy saving requirements for architectural glass.  Low-E glass resists radiant heating so  many existing systems require more time to heat the glass, which translates into reduced efficiency.  The new high-performance, soft-coated Low-E glass is therefore more difficult to toughen. Glasstech has produced the FCH2, a gas-fired forced convection heater which runs round-the-clock, increasing a company's production efficiency for Low-E glass.  The new system enables efficient toughening of Low-E flat glass, and is twice as fast as typical electric radiation heating systems, dramatically improving productivity and reducing the processing cost.   

Primary author(s): Reeve D

                            Glasstech Ltd.

Source: Glass


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