Adapting for success – Dee Brown Inc., US masonry contractor


Dee Brown Inc. (DBI), performs many types of masonry work, although panellised brick and stone is a speciality.  Brick panels are usually built in the yard and transported to the building site, but sometimes  they are fabricated on-site.  The company has branched out since its foundation in 1955, acquiring various other contractors and forming new companies such as Masonry Technology Inc. and DBM Marble and Granite.  The company bought out Hatch Masonry Inc. in 1992, and DBM/Hatch is operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary. More recently, DBI established a partnership with panel manufacturer and stone erector, Kepco+Inc.  It is one of the leading masonry contractors in the US, completing $46.2 million of work in 2002. Some of the projects tackled by DBI are outlined.

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Source: Masonry Constr.


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