Safeguarding the future for brick. Machine systems for the manufacture of prefabricated brick ...


The industrial prefabrication of brick wall units has become firmly established in Germany since the 1960s as a valid alternative to conventional masonry construction.  While prefabricated systems have proved to be extremely successful in building practice, their market share has remained rather moderate.  The most important types of prefabricated brick construction units are summarised, and an overview of construction techniques using prefabricated brick units is given.  They include the Baret, Fiorio, Schaeffer, Swiss Preton, Bott company, and Costamagna systems, as well as the site assembly system with bricks according to DIN 4159 (also known as the "Essen-Kray Method"  or "Essen Method") developed by the Institut fur Ziegelforschung.  The results of a survey of plant construction engineers, and planning criteria for a prefabrication plant, are given.  9 refs.   

Primary author(s): Bender W


Source: ZI Int.


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