Detecting damaging liquid leaks in office buildings


Most damage to office environments is linked to faulty air conditioning systems and, according to insurance companies, liquid leaks are the most common cause of claims after fire and theft.

In response to this problem, TTK has developed its sophisticated digital liquid leak detection system, which is based on intelligent detector cables and which can identify the irregular presence of liquids accurately.

FG-SYS Digital Technology consists of a system of intelligent detector cables linked to a central detection unit.

Each length of cable is fitted with an electronic chip, at connector level, which can register information about faults and communicate independently with the central unit. When a cable detects the presence of a liquid, a warning light and alarm are immediately set off in the central unit. The location of the leak is given by a display that shows the name of the cable, as well as the time and the date that the problem occurred.

Digital technology enables the monitoring of up to 180 independent detector cables. If a leak is detected by one cable, the others remain in surveillance mode.

The FG-SYS Digital Technology range of cables are able to detect all types of liquid, including the most dangerous - from water to acids and alkalis, as well as hydrocarbons and solvents, among others. The advantages of the intelligent detection technology developed by TTK are manifold.

Firstly, FG-SYS Digital Technology ensures the continuous protection of zones at risk by intelligent detector cables, ensuring precision and reliability through its dedicated digital technology.

Second, TTK's technology guarantees the immediate and accurate location of all leaks and their origin.

Third, FG-SYS Digital Technology affords the simultaneous monitoring of several faults as all cables are independent from each other.

Fourth, the configuration of the system by the user provides added flexibility (naming of detector cables, operational parameters chosen, etc).

Fifth, the history of the last 30 events (incidents and accidents) is available at all times, while the modular system can evolve with the user's requirements.

And finally, FG-SYS Digital Technology is simple to install, to operate and to maintain, and can be linked to any building management system.


Primary author(s): TTK

Source: KIBT News

             No 416 January 5 2004

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