Tarmac Toproc Ready-Mix Concrete - Knutsford Services Refurbishment

Toproc ES is one of Topmix’s range of special concretes which is transforming the expectations of the industry in regards to concrete performance.

The lost revenue every day that a petrol location is out of action during a refurbishment can have a considerable effect on the business. Nowadays, virtually all of the elements in a petrol forecourt, buildings, pumps, tanks and other equipment can be prefabricated before delivery to site enabling very rapid construction. The limiting factor as to how quickly these contracts can be completed depends on the construction of the paving. Concrete block paving has been used in the past as, with sufficient resource, it can be placed quickly and unlike conventional ready-mixed concrete, it can be used immediately as there is no waiting for strength development.

But, due to the increasing awareness of the danger of fire and explosion from petrol which has soaked into the bedding sand of blocks, and also their high cost, block paving is no longer a viable option. In fact, many forecourts have been replaced due to the fire hazard alone.


Toproc ES is now regularly specified for petrol forecourt applications as it offers a number of benefits:

Rapid Strength development enabling the paving to be fully loaded the day after placement

Superb high quality finish achievable due to the unique ultra-fine nature of Toproc – in fact Toproc is frequently specified for this benefit alone. Appearance is a major factor in the choice of materials by petrol companies who are very competitive in the image they wish to portray; coloured finishes can also be readily included in Toproc mixes for all applications of this type.

Faster, simpler construction – Toproc can be supplied highly workable for easier placement, virtually all crack-control mesh can be removed and thinner sections are possible requiring less excavation and preparation. It is quite common to specify 100mm thick slabs and to use no mesh except for structural support, over underground tanks, for example. The use of Toproc also enables joint spacing to be increased in many cases.

In this example at Knutsford, the concrete was placed by direct discharge and, having a good workability, it was compacted and finished using conventional equipment and methods. Toproc does not bleed and this enables the brush texturing and spray curing to immediately follow surface finishing, further simplifying the construction process.

Product Used: Toproc ES ready-mix concrete

Beneficial Features: Rapid use, high quality surface finish, high wear resistance

Compressive Strength: 35 MPa in-situ in 12 hours

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