Tarmac Toproc Ready-Mix Concrete - Scrap Yard - Liverpool

It is difficult to imagine the conditions and abuse meted out to the concrete slab in the metal recycling industry without seeing it for oneself. Typical wear rates for a C50 conventional concrete can be 10mm/month, requiring slabs to be replaced every 6 months!

The steel industry is in fact very efficient, with around 90% of all steel being recycled. It is now a worldwide business and much of the scrap steel produced in the UK is exported to the USA where it is melted down and purified to then be exported to Italy or India for car production. Consequently, at Liverpool there is a facility to load boats with scrap for export whereby scrap is heaped up into a 30,000 tonne mountain 20m high and when the boat arrives a number of grab cranes on tracks spend a week, 24 hours a day, driving up and down a narrow concrete strip to load the boat. C50 lasts one boat, it is then replaced or repaired. Toproc SY typically lasts 10 boats, demonstrating its remarkable toughness and durability. This must surely be the most demanding wear and abrasion situation for any concrete, which clearly demonstrates the remarkable properties of Toproc SY and how it performs in such onerous situations.


Product Used: Toproc SY ready-mix concrete

Beneficial Features: Extreme wear resistance, rapid use, very cost effective

Compressive Strength: 120 MPa

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