Tarmac Toproc Ready-Mix Concrete - Teesport Pig Iron Plant Repairs

British Steel has tried many different materials over the years to withstand the impact of a continuous stream of lens shaped pieces of pig iron wearing 15kg each at 800ºC dropping 5 metres into a storage bay. The combination of heat, impact and the abrasion of front-end loader buckets that subsequently picked up the material, was just too much for most materials to bear.

Their solution was to bury railway lines in 60 MPa high-alumina concrete, but this was still not the ideal solution due to the differential expansion of the steel and concrete causing cracking, the difficulty of repair and damage to the front-end loader if it caught the end or edge of the rails, with the potential of catapulting the driver through the windscreen!

The floor of the loading bays was replaced with Toproc HR, which contained steel fibres to further enhance its wear and impact resistance. This has provided a simple, cost-effective and safe solution for British Steel with the further benefit of being very easy to repair. The concrete was delivered to site at high workability and placed by direct discharge from the truck. It was compacted and cured in the same manner as conventional concrete, the workability life and rate of set being comparable. Toproc HR’s rapid strength development also allowed the construction to continue within 24 hours of placing.


There are many industries which require its concrete flooring to be hard wearing and to perform at high temperatures, particularly to cope with the high thermal shock generated when molten metal splashes on its surface. Many specialised materials and surface coatings are available that perform well in these environments but conventional concrete technology does not provide an adequate performance. These very specialist materials are inevitably very costly and require continuous maintenance to maintain full serviceability.

Toproc formulations have been developed to provide an extremely cost-effective solution for all flooring and other applications which have an extremely low moisture content when hardened and use specially selected ingredients so that the surface does not spall when heated.

Toproc HR is regularly specified by bodies such as Elkem, Co-steel, Glynwed, Alcan and British Steel, as in this case history.

Product Used: Toproc HR ready-mix concrete

Beneficial Features: Heat resistance, wear resistance, rapid use

Compressive Strength: 90 MPa

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