Britain’s No1 handsaw gets even better


The most popular handsaw in Britain, the Irwin Jack 880 from the Irwin Industrial Tool Company, has an innovative soft touch handle. The ergonomically designed handle of the Irwin Jack 880 Plus increases comfort for the user whilst reducing vibrations and hand fatigue. The new Irwin Jack 880 Plus maintains all the high quality features of the original Irwin Jack 880. Universal toothing allows for fast cutting down and across the grain, while the dynamic setting allows more effective cutting of the teeth with fast removal of the swarf.

Sharpened on both sides the saw cuts on both the push and pull strokes, decreasing the time spent on the job. The Irwin Jack 880 Plus is an all round saw with hard point toothing meaning there is no need for re-sharpening as the blade stays sharper for longer while the medium tooth size makes the Irwin Jack 880 Plus ideal for cutting wood, plastic and MDF.

There is a wide range of saws in the Irwin Jack Plus range, including a selection of specialist saws for those particularly awkward jobs.


Primary author(s): Irwin Industrial Tools

Source: KIBT News

             No 436 19 January 2004

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