Construction Lean Improvement Programme – Profit from Process Improvement


In the global economy, all UK industry is under pressure to continuously improve to maintain competitiveness and attract investment. The construction industry in particular has started to recognise that greater efficiencies are possible.

Lean Production was identified in the Egan report ‘Rethinking Construction’ as a transferable approach, to improve the project process and deliver target outcomes in key areas.

The Construction Lean Improvement Programme (CLIP) was sponsored by the Department for Trade & Industry to take the principles of lean thinking from the aerospace, automotive and petrochemical industries and adapt them to construction.

The first phase of CLIP took the principles of working smarter, not harder to seven different construction projects. The process was kept deliberately straightforward and has proved to be hugely successful for the participants. The results of these case studies are presented in this document (1.44MB pdf file).

The findings from these diverse situations show that cost savings & efficiencies can be found from improving the productivity of people and adding value per person. The better delivery performance has, in turn, increased customer satisfaction.

CLIP works through masterclasses with a common approach and the DTI has now committed five years’ funding support to cover half of the cost of a masterclass.

I commend these case studies and the learning points that arise from them. They will help any organisation in the construction supply chain to see what is in it for them. It shows the process benefits and how important the behavioural issues can be.

There are definite and realisable benefits available for anyone who engages with CLIP and discovers how a simple application like lean thinking can eliminate waste and make the value flow.

Nigel Griffiths MP

Minister for Construction

Source: Constructing Excellence

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