Guide to BS EN 206 – 1 & BS8500 ( The new Concrete Standards )


The UK Concrete Standard BS 5328 was withdrawn in December 2003. This guide, published by Tarmac, gives a very useful assessment of the impact of the changes to the previous Standard which is being replaced by two Standards, a European Standard (BS EN 206-1: Concrete – Part 1) and a complementary British one (BS 8500 Concrete).

The guide covers the following aspects:

•        Workability (now termed consistence), strength and air content

•        Density requirements for normal and heavy-weight concrete

•        Chloride classes

  • Changes in terminology and designations for concrete types

•        Sulphate and aggressive ground conditions

•        Conformity

•        Slump tests and classes

The reader is advised that both the European Standard and the complementary British Standard need to be used.

Source: Tarmac

             January 2004

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