Tarmac Recycling Ltd – Finepath Towpath Resurfacing Material

British Waterways and Tarmac Recycling worked together to produce a sustainable replacement for traditional black ash towpath surfacing material. Finepath, is a self-cementing product, providing a durable surface, suitable for typical canal towpath users. Carefully blended constituents produce a freeflowing, user-friendly, energy-efficient, material that retains the traditional appearance desired by British Waterways.

Ongoing research in partnership with British Waterways ensures the maximum percentage of recycled and secondary ingredients from a range of alternative constituents is used. This also allows British Waterways engineers to select the colour of the wearing course, to compliment local surroundings.

Finepath is free from marine and other pollutants ensuring an environmentally sensitive solution for the diverse range of regeneration projects British Waterways are undertaking on their extensive network. The climatic conditions in the U.K. highlight another requirement – that it can be laid in wet weather. In fact Finepath is an all-weather cold-lay surfacing product, which is ideal for any pedestrian or cycle path.


Finepath, as hand-laid by George Law Ltd, was compacted upon a Type 1 sub-base and used as a combined basecourse and wearing course material, in one layer. It was laid to our specified guidelines, with a tanalised soft wood timber edging to contain the material and to help control the depth.

The contractor commented that the material was flexible and gave plenty of workability.

Finepath is ideal for pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders, although occasional heavier traffic is not detrimental to the finish.

Finepath is available in Black, Green, Red and Gold as well as a selection of natural shades.

Finepath is a hydraulically bound material, 5mm down in size. Recycled blast furnace slag, steel slag fines and a selection of secondary dusts, with the option of pigments, are combined to produce a uniform material in a range of colours - natural, black, red, green and gold.

Constituent Materials

3mm – Dust

5mm – 0mm Granulated Slag

3.35mm Steel Slag Fines Pigment

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