Porosity-strength relation in calcium aluminate cement pastes


The compressive strength and volume porosity of calcium aluminate cement (CAC) pastes were studied in order to connect their relationship. The influence of mass fraction of lithium carbonate as a setting accelerator on the compressive strength and porosity of CAC was investigated at  different water-cement (w/c) ratios. The functions proposed in the literature for different technical materials were tested on obtained strength and porosity data. Those functions have been a base for the further development of more general functional dependence of strength and porosity for cement materials. The following equation to relate the strength (sigma) and porosity (P) for CAC pastes was proposed: sigma = sigma P0(1-P/P0) exp(2).  16 refs.

Primary author(s): Matusinovic T; Sipusic J; Vrbos N


Source: Cem.Concr.Res.


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