Getting fixed – European Technical Approvals for fixings


It is proposed that the introduction of more European regulations in the form of European Technical Approvals ( ETAs ) for fixings is a benefit, because the existence of a harmonised standard will improve the quality and safety of construction. Seventy-three of the 96 approvals granted since 1998 have been for fixing products. Because testing is independent and certification is according to a specified testing programme, products can be reliably compared. Initially metal anchors were granted ETAs, and Part 6 covering anchors for multiple use in concrete for non-structural applications is to be finalised during 2003. More recently a European technical approval guideline ( ETAG ) has been published for bonded anchors, and ETAs for the post-installation of rebar and for nylon anchors are anticipated.

Primary author(s): Poole S

Source: Builder Eng.

             (104), August 2003, p.30




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