New facility to simulate simultaneous wind and thermal effects on roofing systems


The National Research Council of Canada have created a facility on behalf of a North American roofing consortium ( Special Interest Group for Dynamic Evaluation of Roofing Systems - SIGDERS ) to evaluate roofing systems exposed to simultaneous wind and thermal effects. Roof sections of approximately 2 x 6 m may be tested, with the facility to either cool or heat the air flowing over the surface. A flap valve is operated to simulate wind gusts. The facility was commissioned using a single-ply roofing system with a PVC membrane, polyisocyanurate insulation and steel decking. The physical and mechanical properties of laboratory-conditioned membrane samples were also determined, and compared with those of wind-tested material. The wind uplift, the mechanical properties ( tensile strength, elongation at break, tear strength and seam strength ), the thermal properties ( glass transition temperature ), and the weight loss were not affected by cold conditioning. 14 refs.

Primary author(s): Baskaran A; Liu K; Lei W; Delgado A

Source: J.Test.Eval.

             31, No.4, 2003, p.311-320




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