Branching out – glued laminate timber ( glulam )


Glulam ( glued laminated timber ) offers the benefits of strength, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency and fire resistance in addition to aesthetics, and it is proposed that it should be used as extensively in the UK as it is in the USA, mainland Europe and Australasia. Small cross-section timber components are end-jointed using finger joints to form strips, which are then edge glued to form beams of almost any cross-section and length. Adhesive choice is governed by service conditions, and may be selected by reference to BS EN 301. Glulam has good fire resistance, and its natural durability may be further enhanced by appropriate preservative treatment. Its superior resistance to corrosive industrial or marine atmospheres compared with steel or concrete significantly reduces the maintenance costs of exterior structures.

Primary author(s): Hall F

Source: Builder Eng.

             Timber Supplement October 2003, p.28-30




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