Changes in important quality properties of continuous pressed laminates (CPL) with some changes ...


Industrial grade particleboard and fibreboard have been recognised through the wood industry as an ideal substrate for laminated panel constructions, using various types of overlay surfacing materials. Such constructions are used for kitchen cabinets, interior fitments and office furniture.  The effects of some of the manufacturing variables on properties of continuous pressed laminates were investigated. Overlay laminates with a combination of kraft paper and alpha cellulose base decorative paper were manufactured under factory conditions. Resistance to surface abrasion, scratch, cigarette burns, staining, and thermal conductivity of the laminates were determined as a function of manufacturing variables. It was found that the press temperature and press cycle influenced both scratch and abrasion resistances. No significant effects of laminate thickness and pressure levels used were found. However, the thermal conductivity of the laminates with 0.70 mm thickness was significantly higher than that of 0.55 mm thick laminates.  22 refs.

Primary author(s): Nemli G; Gezer E D; Hiziroglu S

Source: Build.Environ.


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