RIBA Bookshops: Architects Markets A survey of the markets in which architects operate, 2004 Edition


Organisation/Institution: Mirza & Nacey Research

Mirza & Nacey Research

February 2004

Code: 35602


40 pages

Price: £125.00

A brand new title presenting vital information to help with your business planning. 'Architects Markets' examines the trends and future prospects for architects' workloads. Market by market, the cyclical patterns in architects' workloads are highlighted and future predictions presented. The figures will show you how workloads have changed, who is getting the work, what types of contracts are being used, and how the new build / refurbishment split is changing. There's a wealth of data, clearly presented in 85 charts and 43 tables. Statistics are analysed, looking back to 1964; thirty nine years' worth of data. Cyclical trends are examined, the relationship between architects' workloads, construction output and GDP is explored. Future predictions are examined for eight specific market sectors. Questions addressed include: Which sectors are showing signs of growth? What is the pattern across different regions of the UK? What do architects think about their prospects for 2004? Data is sourced from the long-established Architects Quarterly Workload Survey, originally commissioned by the RIBA, and now carried out independently by Mirza & Nacey. Architects’ workloads are presented in detail for the main market sectors. These are: private housing; public housing; offices; retail; industrial; leisure; education; and health. 'Architects Fees' and 'Architects Performance' also available from Mirza & Nacey.

Source: RIBA Bookshops

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