Prime-a-Pump Avoids Respiratory Problems for Concrete Pump Operators

Due to health and safety and respiratory issues, for many concrete pump operators the worst and most unpleasant part of the job is priming or grouting the pump, involving the mixing of cement powder with water into a paste.

Prime-a-pump is a modern solution to this dark ages problem. Prime-A-Pump is a dry powder specifically formulated to provide a transparent, odourless, clean and cheaper alternative to cement/water pump priming, without any of the old problems.

A small bottle is simply emptied and stirred into 20 litres water, left 15-20 minutes to thicken, prior to the start of pumping operations. During this time the mixture thickens and takes on a slippery texture, which adheres to all of the pump’s internal surfaces.

Each bottle of prime-a-pump is equivalent to one 50 kg bag or two 25 kg bags of cement. Prime-a-pump does all that cement powder does without the problems.

There is no health risks to the pump operator, either through skin contact, dust inhalation or lifting problems. Prime-a-pump is substantially cheaper than cement powder.

Prime-a-pump is suitable for use in all types of concrete pumps and pipeline systems

Primary author(s): Prime-A-Pump

Source: KIBT News

            No 484 20 February 2004

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