Central ventilation is going places


A rapid growth in the installation of central ventilation and heat recovery units in new and refurbished houses and apartments is reported. A central extraction fan and its associated ductwork extracts stale and moist air from the high humidity rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom. This is replaced with fresh air from outside, which is ducted towards other rooms. A heat exchanger extracts up to 65% of the heat from the waste air, using it to pre-warm the incoming air. Noise levels in the home are reduced as individual extractor fans are no longer required, and heat generated by cooking, which might otherwise be lost, is recovered and reused. Installations in Boston Spa, near Leeds, and also in Liverpool are briefly described.

Primary author(s): Matanle I

Source: Build.Eng.

             Vol.79, No.1, 2004, p.34-35




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