Towards maximising the value and sustainable use of glass


Extensive work has been undertaken to utilise waste glass for cement and concrete production as an alternative to disposal in landfill. The inclusion of up to 15% ground cullet as a cement component gave a 28-day strength comparable to that of Portland cement, with enhanced early strength development. Strength was not significantly affected by the glass composition. Tests of up to one year duration indicated there was no enhanced risk from alkali-silica reactions ( ASR ). When used as a filler in concrete, considerably improved strength was achieved, the optimum addition being 5%. Up to 100% of the sand content of concrete could be substituted by glass, although ASR was a possible risk. 7 refs.

Primary author(s): Dhir R;Dyer T;Tang A;Cui Y

Source: Concrete

             Vol.38, No.1, 2004, p.38-40




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