Waste glass as concrete aggregate and pozzolan. Laboratory and industrial projects


Two projects funded by the Waste and Resources Action Programme ( WRAP ), the University of Sheffield and 24 industrial partners have been undertaken to evaluate the use of waste glass as aggregate and pozzolan in concrete. Finely ground glass was evaluated as an additive in cement production, whilst coarser fractions were considered as concrete aggregates. The compressive strength and alkali-silica reaction ( ASR ) expansion of cement and concrete samples were determined. The use of glass powder with a surface area above 275 sq m/kg yielded materials complying with the strength requirements of BS EN 450:1995, and glass particles smaller than 1.2 mm suppressed ASR in concrete tested to ASTM C1260. The addition of metakaolin or pulverised fuel ash also suppressed ASR. 26 refs.

Primary author(s): Byars E A;Morales-Hernandez B;Zhu H

Source: Concrete

             Vol.38, No.1, 2004, p.41-44




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