Selecting moisture reference years using a moisture index approach


MEWS ( moisture management of exterior wall systems ), a joint research project between the Institute for Research in Construction of the National Research Council of Canada, and a number of external partners, was formed to establish guidelines for moisture management strategies for wall systems in the various climate zones which exist in North America. Wooden-framed buildings of four storeys or less were of particular interest. Mathematical modelling was used to predict the moisture management performance of wall systems as a function of climate, wall construction and material properties. A moisture index approach ( construction-independent method ) was used to establish the moisture reference years to be used in the analyses. This procedure was compared with other methods for the selection of moisture reference years for hygrothermal simulations. 35 refs.

Primary author(s): Cornick S;Djebbar R;Dalgliesh W A

Source: Build.Environ.

             Vol.38, No.12, 2003, p.1367-1379




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