Criterion to evaluate the "twofold benefit" of the renovation of buildings and their elements


It is proposed that when studying the economics of energy-saving projects during building renovation, not only should the value of the potential energy savings be considered, but also a value should be given to the associated improvements in the building's physical condition. Nonlinear equations are given to calculate the rate of deterioration of the components used in the construction of the building. By taking components, such as windows, which have partly deteriorated with time, and replacing them with new ones to obtain energy savings, then the time interval before they require replacement due to deterioration is extended, and this cost saving can be added to the energy-saving benefits. 10 refs.

Primary author(s): Martinaitis V;Rogoza A;Bikmaniene I

Source: Energy Build.

             Vol.36, No.1, 2004,p.3-8           




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