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Technological developments in tile production have allowed for the creation of aesthetic effects that are increasingly similar to natural stone.  Thanks to through-bodied porcelain tile, press decoration and glazed porcelain, it is  now possible to imitate all kinds of stone for interior and exterior use, such as marbles, rustic stones and granites.  The trend of imitating nature is not just a passing fashion,  but will remain one of the driving forces in the market for a long time to come. There are few examples of natural minerals used as body stains.  Cesar, now part of Imerys Tiles Minerals, has acquired unique expertise in exploiting and evaluating natural colouring minerals.  Cesar's Natural Colours range of pure or blended natural colouring minerals are suitable for porcelain tile production and characterised  by resistance to firing at 1250 C.  The tile colour develops  during a standard firing cycle and there are no adverse effects such as bubbles, gas, etc.  The new range, which complements the existing Gres de Thiviers range, are: grey granite; light grey; chestnut brown; and salmon pink.  These  colours provide aesthetic effects typical of marble and granite.   

Primary author(s): Savagen A

                            Imerys Tiles Minerals

Source: Ceram.World Rev.


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