Designs on the future – effect of Australian building regulations on glass industry


The introduction of new building regulations designed to make Australian buildings more energy efficient means the glass industry is facing challenges that could lead to the introduction and growth of new products.  At the same time, the regulations are a potential threat, leading to lower use  of glass.  Designers of high-rise commercial buildings, who have in the past made extensive use of insulating glass with  tints or high performance reflective coated glass, are now starting to specify higher performing toned glasses, low emissivity glass and Solar Low E glass in particular, which is so well suited to Australia's warm climate.  Market penetration of these products is still relatively small, and  the glass industry needs to convince designers and developers of the benefits of these products, as well as regulators of the savings in energy consumption and potential reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.   

Primary author(s): Stokes N

                            Pilkington (Australia) Ltd.

Source: Asian Glass


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