Influence of construction on the behaviour of clay floor blocks


The flexural behaviour of brick-cement floor panels was studied, taking into account the effect of various rules of construction on the structural response.  Three types of panel were examined: panels with cast-in-place reinforced concrete ribs; panels with lattice beams and clay sole; and panels with prestressed beams.  A total of 18 panels were tested.  For each type, the results obtained for samples constructed according to the correct procedure were compared  with those obtained using samples which were poorly constructed.  The results make it possible to quantify the correct construction procedure, and provide information of the reliability of clay floor block structures.

Primary author(s): Capozucca R; Del Ciotto N; Zanarini G

                            Ancona,Universita Politecnica delle Marche; Bologna,Consorzio Alveolater

Source: Ind.Laterizi


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